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Summer/Fall 2016 - Class of 2029!

October 29, 2016

Our end of Summer into Fall 2016 sales started off with a huge bang. The "Class of..." T-shirt was so popular! For nearly a month straight not a day went by where I wasn't pressing at least one Class of 2029 or 2030 T-shirt. Here's a few pictures that our customers and fellow parents shared with us. They're all great pictures of the kids wearing the "Class of..." shirts we made.

So Awesome!!


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Behind the scenes production

June 7, 2016

We've been pressing many customized shirts and posted up pictures for viewing. Here's a look at some of the shirts we've recently done including a little bit of our process leading to them being finished.

Fairfield Dojo

The order was for 29 ladies tank tops, which the customer supplied. Here's our production table and some of the ladies tank tops. There's actually a shirt being pressed in the picture.

Here's some of the vinyl after it was cut and mostly weeded waiting to be pressed.

To ensure that our products are of the best quality, we carefully align and measure each shirt. I personally like to stay within a 1/16th of an inch spacing difference from each side of any given shirt. I sometimes take measurements and adjust as many as 5 to 6 times just because I'm a perfectionist and genuinely care about each finished product.

Freshly-pressed shirt.

A vertical shot of the finished shirt.


Raulindo Auto Body Inc.

This custom order was for 30 double-sided navy short sleeve t-shirts. Weeding the front vinyl took some time as it was an immensely detailed graphic with text.

A close-up of the front vinyl weeded.

Again, we strive to ensure that every shirt we press is straightened, carefully aligned, and most importantly looks great. In the below picture, you'll notice that we took measurements from the top to the bottom and from the sides.


The back of the t-shirt pressed and finished.

Some other custom order shirts we pressed:

The Memphis Mortician band shirts - They're based out of NYC and have a very unique trashy garage rockabilly sound to them. They needed some shirts to sell to their fans and ordered a mix of short sleeve t-shirts and zipper hoodies.

FANCI at the Ansonia Nature Center ordered 14 zipper hoodies for their members. The two pictures below show the front and back of their zipper hoodie.

Custom order of five t-shirts for a customer's family. Two of the shirts were for the family's grandparents. The grandparents have been married for 39 years and have 15 grand children!  The pink UPC design t-shirt was customized specifically for the grandmother.

'Dad' t-shirt for the customer's brother.

All shirts tagged, bagged and ready for the customer!

Custom birthday shirt for my daughter's preschool classmate and friend, Linnea. Her birthday theme is ponies and horses. Happy 5th Birthday Linnea!

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Pictures that our Happy Customers Shared with us


A group of awesome mothers at the 2016 Warrior Dash New England wearing their special custom order "Moms With MUSCLES" tank tops. You Ladies ROCK!


Lauren's Family at Disney World happily wearing their Disney themed T-shirts that they special ordered from us and taking a moment to get a family picture with Minnie. So cute!


The Ansonia Nature Center ordered some custom forest green zipper sweatshirts for the Nature Centers staff. Here's a group shot of the staff after they received their sweatshirts. Just below the group shot is Alison with an owl and Dan on Connecticut's WTNH News 8 talking about the Nature Center. 

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