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          C5 Petroleum Resin for hot-melt road marking paints



          C5 petroleum resin is a certain petroleum resin applicable for hot melt road paint, which can enhance the tenacity, rigidity and adhesive force of dope and form smooth paint surface, and also ensures the stable state of the resin in the all seasons, and have a better mixing with rosin-like resin by adding auxiliary agent. In the mixing of top-grade paint, it can form such features as water-proof, anti-ultraviolet radiation, anti-chemicals, and improve the brightness adn dryness of the surface. in the non-hydrogenated petroleum resin production leading domestic.

          Pht-R5101 - C5 petroleum resin has the following distinguished characteristics: 
          Light color; better fluidity, even filling distribution, no sedimentation 
          Suitable for wall weather; quick drying, good smudge resistance.
          Recommended application fields: Hot melt road symbol paint 
          Other application: Pressure-sensitive anchoring agent.



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