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          C5 Petroleum Resin for tyre rubber mixed refining



          C5 petroleum resin is a kind of fat family petroleum resin widely used in tyre rubber calendering, which has a better compatibility with natural rubber (NR), synthetic rubber, polyethylene, polypropylene, SIS, SEBS and EVA, and also has a better compatibility with natural gluing resin (such as terpene, rosin and other ramifications). In rubber calendaring, it also can be used as anchoring agent, reinforced caking agent, intenerating agent and filling agent etc. 
          Characteristics of rubber calendaring 
          Excellent anchoring viscidity 
          Can promote the intenerating and mending funcition and enhance the elasticity and reslsting the peeling off in the course of processing.
          Can grow and glue notably but not affect sulfuration time and the performances after sulphurating.
          Can avoid the viscidity to manufacturing machines 
          Can help the even distribution of filling materials 
          Moderate colors.

          Recommended application fields: Tyre rubber calendering. 
          Other applications: 

          Other rubber products such as sole, shoe end, floor, strap, rubber pipe and inner tyre 
          Light color rubber daily-use products
          Ligh color products can be used as pressure-sensitive adhesive.



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